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Low, flat-rate prices

Experience a premium express delivery service with low, flat-rate prices.

Know exactly what you’ll be paying every time. Easier to budget and no need to pass extra costs onto customers.

National flat-rate prices with no additional charges for regional areas.

Your customers shouldn’t be penalised for living remotely. Prices will be the same, no matter where they live. (Plus, they’ll get their delivery faster in 1-2 days.)

500g Satchel

350mm x 250mm

1kg Satchel

390mm x 282mm

3kg Satchel

405mm x 315mm

5kg Satchel

425mm x 505mm

T&Cs: Prices are determined on your unique business needs.

You get what you pay for with MailPlus and so much more.

  • 1-2 days express delivery, nationally.
  • Flat-rate, national prices.
  • Free portal access.
  • No additional charges for regional areas.

  • Same-day pickups, guaranteed.
  • Detailed tracking.
  • Free satchels upfront.
  • Post Office solutions, inc. PO Box clearances.

Not to mention our epic teams based in Australia.

A local MailPlus operator you can rely on for same-day pickup.

Dedicated, state-based Account Manager you can always call.

Customer Service reps that go above & beyond.

Express delivery flat-rate prices

Q: “Why don’t you publish a postage calculator?”

A: Prices are determined on your average weekly volume and your local MailPlus owner-operator’s business.

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