Commonly asked portal questions.

Address help.

"How do I change a receiver address on a shipping label that I've already printed?"

Under the “Shipping” tab on your dashboard, there is a “Recipient” button on the far-right hand side of each shipment with a tiny pencil graphic.

Click this button and edit the details, then simply reprint the label ready to stick on your satchel.

"How do I change my sender details on a shipping label?"

This information is linked to your MailPlus account. You can change the user name and phone in your settings.

If you want to change the email or business name, please contact Head Office support via this link or call 1300 65 65 96 AEST, Monday-Friday during business hours.

"Why won't the portal allow me to enter PO Box addresses or parcel lockers?"

MailPlus cannot be sent to a PO Box or parcel locker. Please contact your receiver to get an alternative delivery address.

Shopify help.

"How do I import Shopify orders into the MailPlus portal that existed before I connected the two?"

If you have orders that were ready before you integrated your store with the portal, you will need to manually import these from Shopify via a CSV file.
Download this file your from your Shopify store and bulk upload and bulk print them into our portal by following this guide.

Printer help.

"Can labels be printed with any printer or do we need a specific one?"

You can use any label printer with our service. There are plenty of excellent and cost-effective options available online (including eBay) or at Officeworks.
We are also partnered with Zebra printers, which are the industry standard for label printing. Please download an exclusive voucher here.
For a cheaper alternative, we recommend the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL available online or at Officeworks. (Just ensure it’s the 4XL model!)
If you decide on the Dymo printer, you can get the compatible labels at a great price from a company called Awesome Labels.

"What dimensions do I need to configure the correct label size for the printer?"

In the settings of your printer, enter the Australian shipping label size of: 150mm x 152mm or 4″ x 6″.

Password and login help.

"How do I change my password?"

You can simply change your password by clicking on “Change my password” in your account dropdown.
If you need to reset it, you need to contact Head Office via this link or call 1300 65 65 96 AEST, Monday-Friday during business hours.

"What's my login email?"

Please contact Head Office via this link if you have forgotten what email address is used to log in to the portal.
Or call 1300 65 65 96 AEST, Monday-Friday during business hours.

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