Understanding fulfilment processes


Have you just started your online business? Chances are you’re learning all about shipping and its fulfilment process for the first time.

We know it can feel complicated, so we’re here to help you break it down into three different fulfilment processes common for online businesses.

Fulfilling your own orders

Most start-ups and small businesses will be fulfilling their own orders, either by themselves or with a small team. This fulfillment method is cheap and flexible—especially if you have unique shipping needs.

Regardless of how long your business has been running or what industry, fulfilling your own orders in-house will help your cash flow.

MailPlus Express works extremely well for businesses who are fulfilling their own orders. Merchants have full control of their orders via our online portal, which automates the shipping label process. They also receive all the satchels they need up-front so they can ship now and pay later, which also helps free up the business’ cash flow.

Fulfilling from a dropshipper

This is a method where you, as an online merchant, sells goods without stock on hand. Instead, a dropshipping store or supplier will send the goods direct to the consumer from their location when a purchase is made on your store.

There’s clear pros and cons with this method. While it allows online businesses to test new products without paying anything upfront, there’s lower margins involved. You also have no control in the supply chain, and it can be more difficult for you to build a strong brand.

Fulfilling from a 3PL

However, 3PLs can be costly. This option is only viable for growing businesses with cash flow and high order volumes. Most small online business will begin the business fulfilling their own orders before they scale up to a size that warrants a third-logistics provider.

MailPlus is easy to use for start-up businesses, and if it’s time for you to work with a 3PL—chat to us and we’ll help integrate our system with theirs.

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