The relationship between
customer service & shipping

Nic, owner and founder of Annukka clothing store.


“Customer Service, meet Shipping” 🤝 “Shipping, meet Customer Service.”

Shipping and customer experience go hand in hand. From leaving a good first impression with express delivery to decreasing the amount of shipping related calls to your business, a reliable shipping solution will be your customer service’s new best friend.

First impressions count

When shipping meets, or exceeds, your customer’s expectations, you are in a great position to receive positive reviews on your platforms and have your customers return to shop with you again and again. Did you know that 61% of customers say that a positive shipping experience will incentivize them to shop again? Yeah, that’s a lot of returning customers based on the shipping experience alone.

“A bout of Melb-iso insomnia shopping at 4am and I have your lovely t-shirts here the next day!
Brilliant service!”
– An Annukka Clothing (Byron Bay) customer,
who experienced MailPlus Express.

In the current climate, poor delivery speed is a contentious topic among businesses and consumers alike. Understanding what your alternative courier options are, such as MailPlus Express, can help your business thrive with 85% of our deliveries arriving next day!

Consider an unboxing experience

The unboxing experience is an opportunity to market your brand as well as protect your product during the shipping process. Creating a memorable moment for your customer is another way to encourage brand loyalty and social media mentions.

If you’ve invested in branded packaging for the unboxing experience, it’s important to protect it in appropriate shipping packaging, like MailPlus Express satchels, so your business’s investment doesn’t damage in-transit.

Communicate your shipping times

Outlining clear shipping timeframes on your website is also another way you can manage expectations and improve the customer service experience. Clearly defining your delivery times in line with your provider allows the customer to shop informed.

More than half of consumers (54%) say that fast delivery is their top or second most important priority. Ensuring you have an express service option, with proven delivery results, can help improve your conversion rates when this is communicated clearly on your platforms.

It’s not just about the delivery, it’s the collection

When your customer gets a notification that their order has been collected and is on its way within 24 hours, it is an unexpected level of service that will encourage them to come back again and again.

Some couriers offer a collection service without a same-day guarantee, whereas MailPlus Express does. We can also pickup and lodge your Australia Post parcels and save you from the Post Office queues.

What about when things do go wrong?

With Australian shipping volume up 80% YOY, 59% of Aussies are experiencing delays. Additionally, the top causes of frustration for customers globally when it came to poor delivery to be:

• 49% delivery was later than promised.
• 47% online purchases were not delivered in line with the shopper’s expectation.
• 25% the delivery didn’t arrive at all.
• 15% the package was damaged.

“Can’t recommend MailPlus enough. I’ve had amazing success with their delivery times compared to others that are weeks long.”
– Sand and Willow (Central Coast),
a MailPlus customer.

In the event shipping doesn’t go to plan, it’s imperative that your shipping solution provides you and your customers with reliable support. With MailPlus, you’ll have direct contact with your driver and our epic customer service team who always go above and beyond.

Enquire now to find out how we can help you improve your customer experience.

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