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How does the item work?

MPEX are a pay as you use express envelope & satchel carried by TOLL. It is scanned and lodged by your MailPlus Operator.

If the delivery falls within your operators’ territory, he may be able to deliver to the receiver himself.


Can MPEX be used to send items to a PO Box, Parcel Locker or Locked Bag? 

MPEX items can only be delivered to valid Australian Street addresses.


If the envelope/satchel says “documents only” can I put other items in them? 

Yes. As long as the item meets the weight and material restrictions and the satchel/envelope can close, you can send anything.


Can I put batteries and breakables in MPEX? 

As MPEX is delivered by air, batteries and dangerous goods cannot go in our envelopes & satchels as they can explode in transit. Breakables are forbidden as well.


Does the MPEX satchel have a guaranteed next day delivery time frame?

MPEX is not guaranteed for next day delivery. Yet MPEX has a higher rate of next day delivery than the competitor’s products. 


Can this item be used for Return to Sender item? 

MPEX can only be used with a MailPlus service as it requires a scan from your operator to be active. Also, only your Operator will be able to lodge the outgoing item.


How do I lodge this item?

MPEX can only be lodged by your MailPlus Operator as it requires a scan to be activated. 


How do we pay for the items we use?

When your Operator scans your MPEX, it activates the item in our system and automatically adds it to your monthly invoice.


How do I track the items I send out?

You can track MPEX:

– on our website (

– by logging into your dedicated MailPlus portal

-by contacting our friendly Customer Service team on the webchat ( 

-or by calling them at 1300 65 65 95.


What do I do if I am running low on MailPlus Express items?

If you need to order MPEX, you can:

  • Ask your local Operator to drop off stock when you see him.
  • Email our Customer Service team at with your order.


Can the item go in the yellow Express boxes?

MPEX can only be collected and scanned by a MailPlus Operator.

The yellow express boxes are property of Australia post and only accept Express post products as they won’t be able to recognise and deliver MPEX. 


What happens if I address the item to the wrong address? Can I get it redirected if needed?

If an item is addressed to the wrong address, Our Customer service team can organise for it to be re-addressed. 

To do this, they will need the tracking number, the old address and the new address.                                              


Is this item a signature on delivery item? 

MPEX is a scan on delivery item only.


Is there bulk pricing? 

MPEX is a flat rate satchel. The price is already cheaper than our competitors bulk rates. 


Can MPEX items be delivered to Australian External territories?

MPEX can be delivered to the following external territories:

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands WA 6799
  • McDonald Islands TAS 7151
  • Norfolk Island OT 2899


How does a client reschedule a delivery if they aren’t home?

 If the recipient is not home, the driver will:

– Leave the item in a safe place (if available), 

– Take the item to a collection point and leave a card 

– Will take it back to the depot for redelivery the next day.


Does MPEX carry any insurance? 

MPEX does not carry insurance.


Can this item be used to post internationally? 

MPEX is only valid for delivery to Australian street addresses.


Can this item be taken the Post office?

MPEX items are carried by TOLL and can only be used with a MailPlus service. The Australia Post Network won’t be able to recognise and deliver the parcel. 


The tracking says that my item is still in transit and not delivered, where can I get more information on this item? 

Please contact our friendly Customer Service team:

– on the webchat ( 

-or by calling them at 1300 65 65 95.

They will be able to follow it up with the delivery team.


My item is listed as damaged on the tracking, will the item be delivered? 

If an item has been damaged in transit, the delivery team will examine the item and repack it for delivery if the contents aren’t damaged. If it has been damaged, the Delivery team will inform the Customer Service team who will be in touch with you.


Do you deliver to all areas in Australia? 

MPEX can be delivered to all valid Australian Street addresses. If a receiver is extremely regional, it will be dropped to the closest authorised collection point.


Can we send an item that is heavier than 5 kgs? 

Unfortunately, our largest and heaviest satchel is up to 5kg maximum.


Can you deliver on a Saturday? 

Deliveries can only be made from Monday to Friday, from 8am until 6pm.


If you have not found your answer here or have any questions, please contact us on 1300 65 65 95.