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Packaging Solutions
Looking for the perfect way to send your parcels? We have a selection of specially manufactured packaging products to send your items. These include boxes, bags, satchels, mailers and accessories all of which come in a range of sizes to suite every need.
Padded Bags/Recycled Padded Bags

Padded or padded recycled bags feature an extremely strong and lightweight

bubble lining to help keep your items safe whilst in transit.

Tough Bags

Standard or expandable Tough bags are a

strong yet lightweight bag, ideal for packaging non-fragile items.

Mailing Boxes

Mailing boxes are easy to assemble,

light but strong corrugated fibreboard cartons for items that are hard to wrap

or require extra protection.

Packaging Accessories

There’s also a wide range of quality products to assist in protecting and packaging your items.

Choose from Bubble wrap, Mailing tubes, Satchel liners and Packaging tape range.

Special Purpose Products

Specialised packaging for a wide range of items,

such as CD Mailers, Wine boxes and Mailing tubes for your convenience.

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