MailPlus reliable express delivery

Mailplus Express

Reliable pick up &
delivery services

To and from your Post Office.
We take care of your parcels and mail.

A partnership with
your Post Office

Giving you the ultimate convenience by delivering personalised mail and parcel solutions.

Service reliability

With direct contact to your local MailPlus operator, you can trust a consistent service every time.

Skip the queues,
save precious time

Reclaim precious minutes or even hours for your business with our time-saving solutions.

In todays fast-paced environment, every minute counts.

Maximise your businessefficiency with our tailored parcel and mail solutions. For you, we can:

  • Collect your outgoing parcels and mail lodge them at the Post Office, saving you the trip.
  • Collect incoming parcels and mail from the Post Office and deliver direct to you.
  • That includes you PO Box, if you have one.

We work hand-in-hand with your local Post Office parcel services more convenient.

A quick 1-minute explainer.

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MailPlus collaboration with your local Post Office on Vimeo

How we care about your business:

  • Enjoy convenient drop-off and collection times.
  • Consistent pickup and delivery services by the same local operator.
  • Direct access to your MailPlus operator for any last-minute emergencies.
  • Our local customer care team and your dedicated account manager are also ready to assist you anytime.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers.

Go on, give us a go.

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