New Strategic Partnership for
Parcel Revenue Growth

Introducing a new programme with MailPlus’
local parcel collection services and sales engine.

Pictured above: Frank, Licensee for Stanhope Gardens, and Sue, LPO Manager, with Corinne and Chris Burgess from MailPlus.

A Profitable Collaboration

Our combined expertise will identify new customers within the small business parcel sector and help you scale.

Service & Sales Support

Gain access to MailPlus’ local pick-up network and sales engine to improve retention and stimulate revenue.

Integration & Automation

MailPlus have developed new systems to make identifying and generating leads a straightforward task.

A renewed alliance between Licensed Post Offices and MailPlus.

The programme provides LPOs with access to MailPlus’ local pick-up network, with new and existing customers being offered:

  • Reliable parcel collection services, with MailPlus lodging direct to your LPO.
  • A complimentary 2-week trial to showcase the benefits of the service.

During this period, you can assess customer volumes, identify optimal discounts, and discover opportunities to pleasantly surprise new and existing customers.

The best part? LPOs maintain their commission structure on all parcel transactions.

Saving customers valuable time & money.

Watch the customer video now. Available to your LPO when it joins the new initiative.

Customer care is at the core of the programme.

  • Convenient parcel collection times for businesses.
  • Collections completed by the same local MailPlus operator.
  • Direct contact with the local MailPlus operator for any time-sensitive requests.
  • Customers experience MailPlus’ 5-star rated service, every day.

Enhancing Profit & Customer Satisfaction:

A Q&A With Frank, Stanhope Gardens LPO Owner.

Q: How has the partnership with MailPlus improved your operations and customer satisfaction?

A: “It’s a game-changer. No need for our own van driver, thanks to MailPlus’ local pick-up and delivery network. We’re scaling up with more customers and parcels, handling same-day ad hoc or regular pick-ups.”

Q: How else has the program supported your LPO’s growth?

A: “We now access lead generation and sales support, bringing immediate revenue opportunities. We’ve even won back customers from competitors.”

Q: Describe your experience working with MailPlus and their teams.

A: “Fantastic! Close collaboration with their local franchisees, Sales, and Marketing teams. Proactive Sales team delivers same-day lead action. Local deliveries by MailPlus franchisees are as swift as collections.”

Q: What marketing collateral can you and other LPO’s use to promote the offer?

A: “MailPlus supply pull-up banners, an in-store video, and brochures to attract new customers walking into our Post Office.”

Q: Before implementing the program, you offered a complimentary pickup service using your own resources. Now, you’ve transitioned pickups to MailPlus. Can you share your experience?

A: The transition was smooth. Initially, I covered the costs of pickups through MailPlus. However, once I saw how satisfied my customers were with the service, I felt confident in instructing MailPlus to bill them directly. Customers were willing to pay, which allowed me to save on the expenses associated with running my own van and employing a driver. Importantly, customer loyalty has remained strong; I’ve been able to retain all commissions without any loss.

A Win-win For Everyone:

A testimonial from Sue, Stanhope Gardens Manager pictured (L) with MailPlus’ Corinne Jackson (R).

“Joining the program has been a real win-win for everyone. Our customers love the flexible pickup and delivery options, we’re earning more through commissions and scanning events, and Australia Post is attracting business from competitors. Plus, working with MailPlus is a breeze.

The team generates so many leads themselves and is very responsive. They are a fantastic team and share our common goal for more customers. Everyone is happy – including customers – and that’s what matters most.”

Ready to Scale & Succeed Together:

Animesh, MailPlus Franchisee

“I believe this collaboration with LPOs offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for MailPlus Franchisees like me and LPOs. By introducing our proven pickup and delivery service to the Stanhope LPO, Frank and his customers have responded positively. I’ve been able to slot in existing customers into my run seamlessly with room to service more, and excitingly, we have converted new customers and their parcel volumes – a great outcome for all.”

Enquire now to learn more
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Be part of this growing collaboration and reinforce your
LPO’s position as a leader in the parcel sector.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity now, please contact Corinne Jackson on M: 0418 256 386 or Michael McDaid on M: 0416 205 346.