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Why MailPlus

As a franchise business, MailPlus has a perfect record.To date, not a single franchisee has failed. This unprecedented level of success is attributable to the wide-range of business support MailPlus provides to each franchisee.

Be my own boss

“ I want to be my own boss” is the number one reason, when we ask potential franchisees why they want to join MailPlus.

Minimal running costs

The overheads of a Mailplus franchise are low. Your main operating cost beyond the franchise fees are the running costs of your vehicle.

Create a cash flow for your future

With MailPlus you have the opportunity to create an income for the future. You can elect to sale or split your franchise or continue to operate it with staff if you’re looking for a retirement income.

Regular and reliable income

We all want income security, owning your own franchise business provides both job and income security. With Mailplus, you have regular customers generating regular income. If you increase the number of customers, or the services you provide them, then your income will increase further.

Unique Monday to Friday work

MailPlus is one the very few business-day only franchises in Australia. This gives you the opportunity to have work/life balance by leaving you time to spend with family and friends or doing the things that interest you most.

Business customers not consumers

Our Franchisees enjoy the daily contact they have with their business customers. Many feel like a part of their customer’s team as they provide the kind of personalised service only an owner-operator can.

Professionally managed reliable income

Professionally managed, Mailplus has a highly skilled management team focused on growth and strategy. This skill set helps to secure long-term value for your franchise investment leaving you to focus on providing excellent service everyday.

Change of career path or lifestyle

Becoming a Mailplus franchisee provides an opportunity to make positive change to your future. The maturity of Mailplus’ business system reduces the risk profile of this change.

More predictable than retail or cafés

More predictable than retail or cafés, Mailplus is a very attractive franchise business because it is very predictable unlike a retail or food franchise. These businesses are more vulnerable to a larger set of factors affecting their business.

No back office to worry about

By becoming part of the Mailplus Franchise network, you can enjoy the benefits of being your own boss and managing your own territory and at the same time knowing that you have the support from head office to take care of customer invoicing, customer service, accounts receivable and assistance with marketing to help grow your territory. Freeing your work time to spend with your customers.

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Be a part of one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia!

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