Pick-up & Delivery

Post Office Mail & Parcels
Your Mailplus operator will collect all your PO box or street mail and deliver to your office each morning at a time agreed with you. They can also collect all outgoing mail and lodge at the post office each afternoon.
DX Mail
Have all of your DX mail collected and delivered to your office each morning along with your postal mail.  In the afternoon, for convenience, we can collect your outgoing DX mail and lodge it at the relevant DX centre.
Express Banking
Mailplus will collect your cheques during our regular visit and deposit them, saving you the hassle of that extra trip.
Do you often send items between other branches, to customers or suppliers? A area often overlooked, but managed through us, our prompt and efficient service will also improve costs.
Hand to Hand
We're always in the area so why not use your Mailplus operator to make those local deliveries or impromptu special requests? It's much more convenient and economical than relying on a courier!

Express Mail & Parcels

Local Shuttle
Get your item picked up in the morning for an afternoon local delivery or in the afternoon for a next day delivery. Because you're speaking with the driver direct, and not an overseas call centre, you can pass on any special requirements, it’s usually never a problem and it's more affordable.
Domestic Nationwide
A full range of overnight pre-paid express envelopes and satchels that go interstate by plane to your final destination. With tracking, there is no guesswork wondering if your item will be delivered.
Speak to your Mailplus Franchisee about International shipping solutions.

Business Post Office Box

Subscribe to a business post office box to simplify how your business receives mail, registered items, and parcels. It's an essential service for busy businesses.
Clear & Lodge
Free yourself from waiting in line and bring the post office to your office with a Mailplus Clear and Lodge Service. We can even bring you postal supplies like: stamps, express post envelopes, plus much more!
Office Move
Have Mailplus expedite your move and manage all your postal arrangements for your new location. We will offer you the most efficient and economical service option, deal with all the paperwork and manage the transition so your business cash flow does not skip a beat during your move. Tell us where you are going and we will take care of the rest.

Solutions for your Office

Australia Post Products
MailPlus and Australia Post have teamed up to provide you with access to Australia’s largest delivery network. Picked up and delivered by hand!
Shipping Systems
All the latest products and services you need to optimise your business in one intelligent shipping platform.
Postal Software & Equipment
Use an exclusive range of equipment and software that reduces labour and opens up eligibility to further postal discounts.
Stationery & Office Supplies
Take advantage of being a business account and get our Select Office specialist to really help your business buy smart. There's no point in saving on items no one uses!
Fraud Prevention
Eliminate the costs, delays and hassle of dealing with stolen items like cheques and important documents from your mailbox or reception area. Mailplus has a low-cost and practical solution for this business problem.

How much could you save?