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It’s no secret that basic office tasks like doing the mail and banking use valuable time that’s better spent elsewhere.  That’s why we created MailPlus. Imagine if you had a trusted service provider who will take care of those basic office tasks and support you as if they were a part of your business?
See how it works

The postal, parcel and satchel environment in Australia is changing, service standards are dropping, and prices are increasing – See how Mailplus solves everyday problems.

No more waiting in line

65% of people find waiting in line stressful. Do you? Use Mailplus to get more time back in your day to do the things that matter most.

Calculate your savings

90% of businesses overpay for their parcel, mail and banking services and always put up with a below average service. Mailplus saves you time and money.

Our Services: Always less than 15 minutes away

We have a unique network of dedicated, daily runs in every major business community nationwide. And because we're already in your area, it's affordable.

Pick-up & Delivery

Skip the line with Mailplus' professional pick-up and delivery service for your everyday mail and valet needs.

Express Mail & Parcels

A new shipping and consolidation service that's reliable, making sending anything anywhere easy and affordable.

Business Post Box

When timing in your business is important, use a Post Office box to get a head start.

Solutions for your Office

Turn key solutions from the experts who know how to send, receive, and connect your business.

Trusted by + customers

Most customers know us by first name when we walk through the door. Our operators own their business so they live by the quality of service they bring to clients like you. We are so confident in the quality and value of our service that we don't see the need to lock you into long-term contracts. 2-weeks notice is all we ask if you need to stop the service.

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MailPlus Head Office
Phone: 1300 65 65 95
Email: info@mailplus.com.au

Studio 12, Pier 3
13 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW 2000
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