MailPlus, backed by Australia Post, is the nimble pick-up and delivery service that’s tailored to small and medium sized businesses.



How does it work?


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Every morning, we pick-up and deliver your mail. In the afternoon, we collect and lodge your parcels. Meanwhile, during the day, we do Express Banking and deliver your favourite Australia Post products to your desk!

Saving you time and money.


How to start saving?



As a sponsored initiative, we are offering eligible businesses a two-week free trial of morning mail pick-up and delivery services. Our afternoon parcel collection and lodgement service from Australia Post is also available.

As a starter, during the trial we expect to give you back more than 1/2 a day of your time. Over a year, that’s an extra three weeks to do what’s important for your business. Find out what you can do with the extra time and peace of mind when using the MailPlus service.


What other services are available?


Stationery, dry cleaning, flowers or even your favourite beverages! We can collect or deliver to other offices, or collect and deliver back to your desk. There are many ways we can help lighten the load for your business. Let your local MailPlus operator look after your office everyday needs.


Terms & Conditions

Two-week service trial from date of commencement. Pick-up and delivery only. Limits apply. Service includes FREE delivery and lodgement of Australia Post products/stationery ordered through MailPlus. Australia Post product purchases not included and will be invoiced separately. Offer subject to qualification. Not available in all territories. User may withdraw at any time.


How to start my free trial?

Please leave your contact details behind. One of our specialised customer service representatives will contact you in the next business day!


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