Use our friendly delivery service for your everyday mail and banking needs.

Daily office tasks like visiting the post office or the bank or waiting on the phone chasing couriers is time consuming especially when there’s a million other things to be getting on with.

Leave all those hassles to us and take advantage of a Mailplus Pick-up and Delivery Service. It’s like having your very own Mail Pick-up and delivery messenger.

Our Pick-up and Delivery Service is the core of our business, we provide total convenience for all your incoming and outgoing mail, parcel delivery and collection.

We do this everyday for over 7000 businesses – that’s why it’s more affordable than doing it yourself or using a courier.

We will go to the post office, bank, other branches and any other regular locations on your behalf, giving you back more time to do what matters. Contact us to find out more, or Get a quote now.

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Pick-up & Delivery Services

Post Office Mail & Parcels

Your Mailplus operator will collect all your PO box or street mail and deliver to your office each morning at a time agreed with you. They can also collect all outgoing mail and lodge at the post office each afternoon.

DX Mail

Have all of your DX mail collected and delivered to your office each morning along with your postal mail.  In the afternoon, for convenience, we can collect your outgoing DX mail and lodge it at the relevant DX centre.

Express Banking

Mailplus will collect your cheques during our regular visit and deposit them saving you the hassle of that extra trip.


Do you often send items between other branches, to customers or suppliers? A area often overlooked, but managed through us, our prompt and efficient service will also improve costs.

Hand to Hand

We're always in the area so why not use your Mailplus operator to make those local deliveries or impromptu special requests? It's much more convenient and economical than relying on a courier!

How much could you save?