Express Post & Express Post Metro

MailPlus and Australia Post have teamed up to provide you with access to the fastest delivery service – Express Post & Express Post Metro.



Express Post

Express Post gives you access to one of Australia’s most reliable and best known next day services. Ideal to deliver urgent letters, documents and items.


Express Post Envelope

Express Post Envelopes

Next day delivery

Available in 10-packs

*Next business day delivery to remote areas and roadside delivery is not guaranteed.

DL (from $62.40)  – C5  (from $64.85)  – B4 (from $77.55)



Express Post Satchel

Express Post Satchels

Next day delivery

Available in 10-packs

Signature on Delivery and Email Track Advice available at an extra cost

500g (from $107.85) – 1Kg (from $137.75) – 3Kg ($155.80) – 5Kg ($235.60)


Express Post Metro

Express Post Metro provides all the perks of our normal Express Post, next day delivery service at a low, metro price in Sydney and Melbourne. Order now your 1Kg Satchels and start using Australia Post’s across town service.


Express Sydney
Express Post Sydney Metro

Tracking included

Saturday delivery available at no extra cost

Bulk discounts available

1Kg Satchels (from $88.50)



Express Melbourne
Express Post Melbourne Metro

Tracking included

Saturday delivery available at no extra cost

Bulk discounts available

1Kg Satchels (from $88.50)


How do I post Express Post Metro?


Purchase satchels in packs of 10 and add your optional extras

Check your lodgement postcode and destination postcode are within the Express Post Sydney or Melbourne Metro network

Lodge with your MailPlus operator

Express Post Sydney Metro

Sydney Postcodes

1000-1935, 2000-2079, 2085-2107,

2109-2156, 2158, 2160-2172, 2174-2229,

2232-2249, 2557-2559, 2564-2567,

2740-2744, 2747-2751, 2759-2764,

2766-2774, 2776-2777


Express Post Melbourne Metro

Melbourne Postcodes


CBD postcodes 8000-8999



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