Prepaid Envelopes

Apart from Express Post, you can save time by keeping a back of prepaid envelopes handy! No need for stamps or labels. Estimated delivery is 2-6 business days depending on destination. If you are concerned about speed, cost or security – there’s a Postage Prepaid envelope to suit your business needs.



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Regular Prepaid Envelopes

Available in packs of 10

Available in DL max. weight 250g (from $11.90)

Available in C4 max. weight 500g (from $42.30)


Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 11.55.20 amWindow Face Envelopes

Available in packs of 10

Window Face envelopes available in DL  max. weight 250g (from $59.50)



Registered Post

If you want extra peace of mind when sending valuable items, Registered Post is the solution to help keep your mail safe and secure.



Registered Post Envelope

Proof of receipt, with a Signature on Delivery and Online tracking

Compensation for loss or damage of up to $100 included

Available in DL packs of 10 max weight 250g (from $47.50)



Registered Post Labels

Registered Post Labels

Proof of posting when lodged at an Australia Post retail outlet

Signature obtained on delivery

Available in box of 50 (from $165.00)




Regular Letters & Priority Labels

Regular Letters are a reliable and the most cost efficient solution with no frills and no fuss. Although, if you need it to arrive sooner, you can attach a priority label to your Regular Letter to speed things up.



Christmas Card

Regular Letters & Cards

When you are not concerned about time and money

Small letter or postcard max. weight 250g

Large letters available for  max. weight 125g, 250g and 500g

Small and Large Christmas cards available (Nov/Dec only) max weight 125g

2-6 business days delivery within Australia




Priority Labels

Priority Labels

If you need your letter to arrive sooner, use a priority label

Same state and metro to metro delivery between 1-2 days

Between states metro and regional delivery between 2-4 days

Available in booklet of 5 (from $2.50)



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