Australia Post Products

MailPlus and Australia Post have teamed up to provide you with access to Australia’s largest delivery network. Picked up and delivered by hand!


Express Post & Express Post Metro

Need a parcel to arrive tomorrow? Send it with Express Post for simple and cost-effective next business day delivery. Plus, we give you access to Sydney and Melbourne Express Post Metro.


Parcel Post

Flat rate postage rates mean that there won’t be any surprises when you use Parcel Post prepaid satchels within Australia. Plus they’re tracked, which makes them a reliable and convenient option for any customer.


International Post

Select International Standard or Express Post now to start sending to New Zealand, China, United States, Great Britain and Ireland. Easy lodgement and tracking is included.


Domestic Letters

If you are not concerned about delivery time and want to save money -regular letters are a reliable and cost efficient solution with no frills and no fuss. If you need to speed it up, attach a priority label and it will arrive sooner.


Packaging Solutions

We provide you with a selection of specially manufactured packaging products to send your items. These include boxes, bags, satchels, mailers and accessories all of which come in a range of sizes to suite every need.



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