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Not enough time to wait in line?

No one enjoys waiting in line. You stare at the back of someone’s head for 15 minutes, before your concentration is broken by a little boy who’s taking his terrible twos out on a rag doll named Jane. Maybe you twiddle your thumbs. Maybe you think about your holidays. Or maybe, you eat your lunch from a packet – moving forward one step for every three bites.

Either way, the experience is less than enticing. And the last way you’d choose to spend your lunch break.

That’s why you should consider using Mailplus – it’s like having your very own pick-up and delivery messenger.

fanchisee-sidebarHere’s what your Mailplus operator can do for you:

  • Collect all your PO box or street mail on your behalf, and deliver at a time that suits you, as well as lodge your outgoing mail at the post office each afternoon
  • Pick up your outgoing DX mail and lodge it at your nominated DX centre
  • Deposit your cheques at the bank
  • Deliver items between branches, customers and suppliers
  • Even organise impromptu requests (like a sudden need to send or receive doughnuts).

If reading that has caused your shoulders to relax, then we suggest you contact us a today by clicking here or call us on 1300 65 65 95.

We can even pick up your lunch for you (and some doughnuts to follow!).


How much could you save?