Meet Geoff, Mailplus Franchisee for Mackay, Queensland.

“I am the face my customers see. I offer genuine business solutions and I’m there to solve any problems should they occur.”

GEOFF SPRATTWhat attracted you to becoming a Franchisee with Mailplus?

I liked the uncomplicated business model that Mailplus provided. It’s a straightforward service that has low costs for customers and importantly frees up their staff’s time to focus on more productive tasks.

What is your favourite customer story?

A local business was forced to cut its staff levels due to the downturn in the economy. Every day they handle a large volume of mail and found their front office staff were wasting a lot of time collecting and lodging mail each day.

By enlisting the services of Mailplus, they saved around an hour of non-productive time a day and as such, were able to process more business through their books and actually increase their turnover. A win-win situation in their eyes!

What do you like most about being a Mailplus Franchise business owner?

Having a close working relationship with my customers and being able to maximize their overall experience on a individual level.

How does being a Mailplus franchisee compare to your previous job?

I worked for a local car dealership for nearly 23 years prior to taking up the Mailplus franchise, where I held the position of Sales Manager for 8 of those years.

Working for myself gives me the freedom to move and grow the business as I choose while maintaining a close, friendly and professional relationship with my customers. I am the face my customers see. I offer genuine business solutions and i’m there to solve any problems should they occur.

How long have you lived in your area?

I have lived in Mackay my whole life. I’ve raised 2 daughters who are now working here too.

What do you love about where you live?

The climate, the people and the feel of what is essentially still a large country town.

What do you enjoy to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters. I also love fishing, photography and scuba diving.

How does a typical day look for you as a Mailplus Franchisee?

I drive into Mackay to the Document Exchange to collect the DX Mail and then onto the Post Office to collect the mail there. Next I deliver these items to my customers.

The banking run is next on the list, as soon as the banks are open, I take care of all the bank deposits for my customers.

After that, I generally call on a few potential clients for a couple of hours or catch up on paperwork.

The afternoon pick up run starts around 3pm, where i visit my customers and collect any outgoing mail and parcels,  after which the mail is lodged at the Post Office and DX exchange before heading home.

Here’s what some of Geoff’s customers have to say…..

The service provided by Mailplus is an excellent facility. Geoff seamlessly and punctually delivers and collects our post each day, allowing us to do our job quickly and efficiently. He quickly built a rapport with our team by providing excellent one-on-one customer service and we would recommend his service again and again.

Rachel Dobbins


We are happy to provide a testimonial for Geoff Spratt from Mailplus Mackay. We run a very busy and large accounting firm and we decided that it would be more cost efficient to hire the services of Mailplus Mackay to do our daily mail pickup and drop off. We no longer need to worry about staff been out of the office and it’s always great to  see Geoff’s friendly face twice a day when he drops off and picks up our mail no matter how big or small.

We would highly recommend Mailplus to anyone considering this option for their business.

Vanessa Erasmus


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