Franchisee testimonials

Career Change

Elvin Nguyen

Franchise for 3 Area Kewdale/CBD/West Perth

Why did you become a Franchise with Mailplus?

Number 1 was to own my own business.

Number 2 was I saw the potential of growing the business by cross-selling in the different services Mailplus provide e.g. express mail and stationery

What do you like about being a Franchisee for Mailplus?

It’s really good to go into a business where there are already systems and protocols in place, so your not always starting from scratch. You have the support available to you from head office. There is also a lot more flexibility for things like when I want to go on holidays.

What a typical day would look like for a franchise?

A typical day starts with waking at 6am, in the mornings I generally work between 9am and 11am, have lunch and then go back out into the field between 12 and 2pm, finish the working day around 5pm.  I also work 4 days a week.

I really like my customers. They are friendly. I see them everyday, always time for a quick chat. They love the service we provide. It’s important that they trust us and to keep it friendly.

Jason Knight

Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Mulgrave.  Has been a franchise for two years.

Why did you become a franchisee?

I used to be a banker but I wanted to own my own business and be my own boss with an opportunity to grow a franchise territory. It was an easy decision. Something I’ve always wanted to do.

What was it about Mailplus?

Mailplus is a stable business. I also wanted to work in the service industry.  The franchise has lots of customers and opportunity to grow the area further. It was the perfect opportunity to work for myself and to develop customer relationships.

I’ve had the opportunity to grow my area using different growth initiatives; Express mail & parcels has really paid off for me and helped me to grow my area. I’m currently working on a new initiative where I will get the support from head office.

We advise customers that we can save them time and money. The main gain for them is to make their working day a little easier by taking the pressure off, so it’s not as rushed. Sometimes we might only save them $1 per day, the real benefit is the time.  Receptionists hate stamping the mail and standing in line!!

How does a typical day look?

My day general starts at around 7.30am with morning pick-up and deliveries finishing around 10.30am. I have a two-hour window free, which allows me to take care of any personal errands. This is then followed by my banking runs, with another short break in the afternoon, followed by my late afternoon pick-up and lodgment from 3.30pm. I’m usually home by 6pm.

Rick Zammit

A Franchise owner for eight years.  Has three territories in Queensland. Initially bought one territory and over time has extended to three territories and employs three drivers.

Why did you become a franchisee?

I was a chef by trade and was looking for a way to get out from the industry. I was looking for a business to buy that would allow me to earn the same income and hopefully a little bit more. In fact it has more than exceeded my expectations financially.

What do you like about being a franchisee with Mailplus?

Whether you are a driver or owner of the franchise business, you get up in the morning and you are your own boss, it gives you freedom to get the job done.

Building relationships with your customers is very important. Receptionists come and go, so I get to know all the directors and owners of the businesses.

How does a typical day look?

It all depends on the run, a basic day will start at 6.45am through to 10.30am with a couple of hours break around lunchtime. My afternoon starts again around 1.30pm until 5pm.



Jeff Hall

Franchise for six months. Hawthorne.

Why did you become a franchisee?

I was an electrician for thirty years. I was looking for the next phase of my life and move away from being a tradey. I could see the flexibility, and the opportunity for personal growth, and to advance myself.

Why did you choose Mailplus?

I’d looked at courier companies, but working for Mailplus it’s more than just delivering boxes. You have the opportunity to build relationships with customers you see everyday. The thing I like about my day is the daily contact with my customers.

How does a typical day look?

A typical day starts early for me as I have a pick-up at 6.20am, my morning runs end at around 10.30am. I have a couple of hours off and then a short lunchtime run. My afternoon pick-ups start at around 3.30pm with my day finishing around 6pm.

David Hicks

Moorabbin, Victoria. Franchisee since March 2014.

Had previous worked in sales and marketing roles.

Why did you become a franchisee?

I was dissatisfied with my current role; I used to have the anxiety on Sunday evenings about the week ahead. A friend recommended I look into becoming a franchisee with Mailplus.

Previously I had been doing lots of travel with my role, which was quite stressful. I still do lots of driving but it’s within my own local territory, so no stress. My hours are Monday to Friday, no weekend work or on public holidays.

What do you like about being a franchisee with Mailplus?

I own my own business, which gives me income and employment security. That is really important for me at this stage in my life. A lot of employers only want to employ young people.

I have an opportunity to grow my business and create security for me when I retire, employ a driver, which will give me a guaranteed retirement income. It’s also not physically demanding so I know I can do this work for many years.

With my sales background, I know how important it is to build good relationships with my customers. It is also easier to grow business from existing customers. I know all my customers very well. I’m like an extension of their business. I also have the support from head office which makes it easy for me to focus on my customers.

How does a typical day look?

My typical day is in three stages, it starts at 7.30am with my morning pick-ups. Stage two: I can often re-visit my customers to look after their banking and then stage three is collection of outgoing mail and parcels. I generally get a break of around 1 – 1.5 hours during the day which allows me to have lunch and do any prospecting for new customers.

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I really like my customers. They are friendly. I see them everyday, always time for a quick chat. They love the service we provide. It’s important that they trust us and to keep it friendly.
Elvin Nguyen